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Express Yourself with a Blog !

          Blogging is all about creating an online journal or diary that people write and share with others.
At earlier stage people used blogs as personal homepages to writing down one’s thoughts, opinions and ideas, works and hobbies, telling stories and so on with family and friends. It was an oldest form of social media platform for people. Only few people having high technological knowledge had access to write and read these blogs.

However, the increased usability of internet and its easy access
of decades we can see a different picture. Now-a-days blogs become the most integral part of online culture. Almost every internet surfers reads thousands of blogs of various topics every day.

The first idea of blog got attention when Swarthmore student Justin Hall created his personal homepage in 1994. The term "blog" wasn’t prevailed until 1997, since the online diarist Jorn Barger coined the term “Weblog” for “logging the Web.” In 1999 programmer Peter Merholz shortened the term “Weblog” to “blog”. At this time blogs were not reachable to general people.
Within 1999, LiveJournal, Blogger and some other blogging platform sites were developed for general users. Among all these blogging sites Blogger is largely responsible for bringing blogging to the mainstream by offering free blog creation service. In 1999, according to a list compiled by Jesse James Garrett, there were 23 blogs on the internet. By the middle of 2006, it turned to 50 million. Every year the figure is getting 2 to 3 times bigger. Comparing to the need and interest of the bloggers a number of popular free blogging sites are launched offering many alluring features. 
You can also use any of these freely available blogging platforms to publish your blog. So why are you delaying? lets know some popular blogging platforms and its amazing features.

1. Blogger/BlogSpot ( is one of most commonly used blogs. Linking to others is quite easy and user-friendly. People who simply enjoy writing but don't know much about hosting a website or coding HTML, Google's Blogger is great choice for them. It is a great way to meet people, communicate with people all over the world. Blogger now offers the option to let you buy a unique domain name for a bargain price of $10 per year.

2. WordPress ( People concerned with blog earning, gaining more traffic and other serious matters WordPress is a good choice for them. WordPress does have a free service, but if somebody wants a permanent or long term blog, they can host the WordPress blog on their own server with a lot more control.

3. LiveJournal (
LiveJournal is not only a great blogging platform, but also a great tool for writers. There are hundreds of groups set up designed to let you join a writing challenge. For anyone who is looking to have their skills as a writer tested, this is the place for you.

4. Posterous: ( )
Posterous is an ideal place for beginning bloggers. It simplifies the process of designing and maintaining a blog, but lacks some of the deeper controls that can be found in Blogger and One of Posterous' signature features is that it lets you post to your blog from any email account or mobile device, letting prolific bloggers can add new content all the time, quickly and easily.

5. Tumblr :(
Tumblr is popular among visual bloggers (those who post artwork, photography, and design-themed content, and are light on text), Tumblr is a decent place for beginners and microbloggers to get their feet wet and post rapidly. A too-graphical interface may slow down anyone who's new to the site, and lack of fine controls will frustrate more experienced bloggers.

6. Blogetery ( – Offers multiple templates, anti-spam, free sub-domain and more. You can also get paid to write there, your profit there is 90%, which is higher than most paid to write blogs. I am a member here and highly recommend it.

7. EduBlogs ( – WordPress powered blogging for educators and students alike.Here bloggers use their blogs as a learning journal or a knowledge log to gather relevant information and ideas, and communicate with other people.

8. Weebly ( – Weebly is one of TIME’s 50 Best Websites, which has an easy, drag & drop interface to create your own website and blog. It provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to build a professional looking website from scratch and help you get it listed in the search engines. 
9. Soul Cast ( – Have something you want to talk about, but want to say it anonymously? This may be the blogging site for you. You can also get paid to right here and there are no restrictions on what you say and how you say it.

10. Blog ( – Offers free blog hosting with unlimited bandwidth for their free package, more benefits for paid members.
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