Sunday, September 30, 2012

Beat your High Blood sugar with natural remedy

    Mrs. Jenelia is a smart woman of 30. She is playing a managerial role in a renowned company. She has been suffering of B type diabetes for last 10 years. As she had a family history of diabetes she became a diabetes patient only at her early twenties.

When she came to know that she has diabetes, she took it easily and started living a routine life. She started measuring her blood sugar twice a day before and after taking heavy meal. She gave up her late awakening habit. She got used to do some cardio exercise early in the morning and an hour long walk at evening.
Instead of taking rich and junk foods, she started eating fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, high fiber and low curbs foods. She cut out the sugar and sugar stuffed foods like cakes, candy, juices and beverage completely from her diet list. She also used to drink more than 2.5 liter plain water every day.

Though having a chronic disease, all these good habits helped her to remain fit. For last 10 years she kept her diabetes under control only by a balanced diet. She never needed to take insulin or any type of medicine to control her diabetes.

But the picture of last few days is quite different. Mrs. Jenelia is passing through a very stressful situation. Recently, she has been transferred to a remote area far away from her home. This is first time she had to stay away from her home and family. She is feeling unwell. It’s also affecting her so called routine life severely.

Now she doesn’t get the spirit to measure her blood sugar regularly. She is not regular with her exercise, nor even with her diet. As a result, her blood sugar started fluctuating for last few days. After seven days, her blood sugar level increased to triple than her normal sugar level. Mrs. Jenelia found herself weaker than before.

She also faced trouble of increased urination, gum bleeding and dizziness. She didn’t go to doctor for the solution as she has some kind of phobia or unwillingness to take any kind of medicine. Don’t knowing what to do she became more worried.

On following evening she got a call from her friend Gia. They talked of many things. Mrs. Jenelia also shared her poor health condition with Gia. Hearing everything Gia gave her the mobile number of Dr. Ravi Shankar who was an expert of natural remedies and assured her that everything will get fine soon.

Mrs. Jenelia made a call to Dr. Ravi, hearing everything in details; he asked her about her last three days diet items. After hearing her answer he prescribed her to eat a piece of bread fully soaked in vinegar instantly and maintain her regular diet for next days. She obeyed his advice. The next morning she felt better and found the measurement of her blood sugar level about to normal. To her surprise, her blood sugar levels become normal at evening.

It’s not a miracle story. Natural remedy has strong scientific judgment and always proved to be more powerful than local medicine. Natural remedy experts say vinegar is an irresistible remedy for high blood sugar when it is consumed with some carbohydrate. So, a slice of bread soaked in vinegar works more effectively than plain vinegar.

They also say, this prescription is only provided to the persons having extremely high blood sugar who takes no medicine or insulin and takes sufficient vitamin C in their everyday diet. They also gave precautions that, this is only one time dose as it reduces the blood sugar level at a high rate within a short period of time.


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