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Voodoo and Black Magic

    Voodoo is a West African word meaning 'spirit'; the original word was vodun. Voodoo is a religion that was brought to the Western coasts by peoples of Africa. It originated in the West African kingdoms of Fon and Kongo roughly 6,000 years ago. Though the basis of the religion came from Africa, but the Voodoo we now know was structured in Haiti. A variety of different ethnic groups amalgamated their religions and formed the Voodoo that is known today. 

The basic philosophy of the religion is that everything in the universe is connected. Nothing happens by chance in this world, and there are no accidents. Everything that you do to one person you are doing to yourself, because you are that person. Voodoo belief recognizes one Supreme Being who created the universe, but who is too far away for a personal relationship with its worshippers. Below this almighty God, Spirits or Loa rule over the world's affairs in matter of family, love, happiness, justice, health, wealth, work, the harvest or the hunt etc. These Loas are the spirits of ancestors, animals, natural forces, and the spirits of good and evil. The cult followers serve the Loa or lesser deities to gain guidance for their lives. 

Voodoo ceremonies contain prayers, dancing and rituals. They also include animal sacrifices. The figure of the snake plays a major part in the rituals, and the high priest or priestess will embody the serpent’s power. Spirits of wealth, nature and happiness possess the bodies of believers at the ceremony. Dancing and music are also major elements of the Voodoo ceremony. It is a way to connect with spirits and the spirit world. 

The widely held image of Voodoo in the Western world is one of wax dolls with pins sticking out of them that harms and kills people. To serve this purpose, the magic practitioners use a voodoo doll that resembles the victim. The clothes, hair, photo or other usable things of the victim are attached with the doll. Then a ritual is performed and a heart of any live animal is pulled out while it was still vibrating and placed into the heart area of the doll. By doing this the doll is infused with life and makes supernatural connections with the victim. Once they are connected needles are pushed into a specific point of the doll and the victim also can feel the pain instantaneously which might lead to his death too. 

In fact the reality is not the same it seems. Like many other ritualistic religions such as witchcraft or Wicca, Voodoo's true feature were spoiled only by few black magic practitioners who mix it with other forms of black magic to harm people. The true practitioners of Voodoo use healing spells, love spells and spells to celebrate joy. These spells are used to evoke good, not for harm. 

The central and key aspect of Voodoo is healing people from illness. The high priest has a great deal of influence and gives spiritual advice when it is asked for. He or she is also seen as a healer and heals with herbs, faith healing (with the help of loa and other spirits) and, today, even with western medicine. The knowledge that the high priestess has gained will have been passed along through prior generations.

Though Voodoo did originate in Africa, today it is practiced by millions throughout the world, in Africa, the Caribbean, Central, North and South America, in various forms, often with elements of Catholicism mixed in. In Brazil, it is called Candomble, and in the Caribbean, it is called Obeah. In 2003, the government of Haiti sanctioned Voodoo as an official religion. 

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