Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What's Democracy?

One day the boy asked his father, ‘Father, what is democracy?

The father replied, ‘It is little difficult to make you understand with few words son.Let me explain.'
Democracy is not merely a single word. It includes many functions and all these functions have their respective significance .
Suppose I am the earning person of the family. I bring money for family. So I am Capitalist.
Your mother maintains the family expending the money wherever needed . So she is Government.

Your grandpa takes care of the whole thing from top . So He is parliament.
The maid servant does very hard work of household. So she is the labour class.
As all these arrangements are for you, you are public.
Your little brother wrapped with that blue towel is the Future.
The opinion public gives justifying their experience is called public opinion.
And all these things jointly forms democracy.

That night public and future shared a bed together. At midnight the little boy started crying loudly. Waking up at the noise of scream the elder boy got a bad smell and found his little brother smeared with rust.

The boy went to his parent’s bedroom for help. His father wasn’t on bed and mother was in deep sleep. He tried his best to wake her up but failed.

Then he decided to call in the maid servant. Entering her room he explored his father there. His father was seducing the maid servant with great force. He so much busy with his job that he didn't notice the boy.

While the boy was coming out the room he saw his grandpa watching all these silently from the open window of opposite wall.

Failing to get anybody's concern the boy went to his bedroom and falls asleep.

The next morning Father asked the boy, ‘Son did you understand the concept of democracy that I told you yesterday?’

The boy replied, ‘Yes Father. The concept of democracy is clear to me now.’

Father became very glad and asked again, ‘Oh Really? Then tell me what did you understand by saying democracy.

The boy said, ‘In democracy the capitalists brutally rapes the labour class and parliament observes it with silence. At that time Govt. remains in deep sleep, public doesn’t get any attention and future gets smear with its own rust repeatedly and screams to escape . And all these are public opinion about democracy’!

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