Thursday, May 19, 2011

Friendly Dolphins

Dolphin is one of the most intelligent mammals and there are many such interesting facts associated with it. Then here are some fun facts which are sure to interest you. 

Dolphins Are War Veterans 
Sounds amazing isn't it ? Yet this is true that dolphins have been effectively used in war. Since the dolphin possesses unique sonar ability, they are often used by the militaries to detect objects around them. Dolphins can see their sounds and by means of the sonar signals they can determine the location of the objects. During the Gulf wars dolphins have been used. 

Dolphins have healing powers
Research says that if a person is inside the water with a dolphin, the ultra sound capabilities of the dolphins can be used to scan the entire body of a person. The vibrations that are caused in the body makes the person feel happy as well as relaxed. Moreover, this scanning can improve the immune system, the brain and the cells of human beings to a great extent. At the same time, dolphins can smell which areas of the body are sick and this helps in the diagnosis process. They are extremely effective in healing psychological disorders. 

Dolphins Never Sleep 
Dolphins never sleep. They are so conscious about their breathing that one half of their brain sleeps at one time while the other half sleeps during the next time. In this manner dolphins sleep for a minimum of 8 hours a day. Moreover in most cases they sleep with one eye open. 

Dolphins Have Unique Whistle 
Just as human beings have their unique thumb imprints, similarly every dolphin has its own unique whistle. They can identify each other by means of this whistle. 

Dolphins are Like Children 
In many cases dolphins behave like children. They are fun loving and like to ride big waves. Dolphins are very social in nature and they always try to live in groups. 

Dolphins Can Produce Sonic Sound Facility 
A dolphin can produce a great sonic sound to stun a fish. Moreover with sonar, they can see the inside of the living things. 

Dolphins Do not Drink Sea Water 
Dolphins are unable to drink sea water and so in the sea they just breathe air. In most cases their water comes from food. Though they live in water yet they live as desert animals as there in no direct source of drinkable water for them.

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