Friday, January 22, 2010

Beat Your Anger

When we are at anger status we only want to harm others and make ourselves happy, at that time we all think about ourselves and ignore all the famous sayings such as "Live for the sake of others", "Treat others how you want to be treated" and so on. I am sure EVERYONE can relate to this with little thinking. 

Anger is an unnecessary thing in our live.Anger brings not only harm to others if WE don't overcome it but also it brings bad luck to ourselves. I am sure that the feeling of kicking someone while we are angry at him feels really good. But that can be defined as momental happiness which lasts really really short. 

It is not the person we are fighting with, but all of his ancestors who we have to understand and forgive every time there is some kind of conflict. When we stop and think about who started first, our minds will automatically direct the thoughts to the other person and come with answers which are good for us. That is the reason why we never think we are at fault.
Here are some tips which can help you relieve anger and also bring joy.

First, don't fight...
When you think that some kind of fight is coming just ignore it and don't start to argue and play the fight. Just act as you don't hear anything and think of things which YOU did wrong.

Be the first one to forgive...
There are more people who are negative than positive in this world, so you must think that if you don't finish it and make the fault on yourself even if it isn't you will feel great because you was the first one to finish the fight. It is also easy to tell and hard to do, but if you do it one time, second time, later you will do it automatically and let yourself grow.

Understand the other person...
Understanding is the biggest thing people want. It has also different ways, you can just say that you understand and stronger one is you understand and act to it which means you help the other person. You must understand the other persons anger and the reason they are angry. There are always faults on both sides it just matters the viewpoint we are at. 

Next time you are in conflict with other person don't just go with the flow of anger but CHANGE your life at that moment by forgiving them. 

by HyunSoung Kim


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